NEW OPENING – A Milanese go-to address for gourmet fish served in stylish, elegant surroundings, its name conjures up legends of the sea and, in particular, Glaucus, the son of the sea god Poseidon. Glauco in Porta Venezia district is a restaurant where good food is not just eaten but literally savoured thanks to its delicate, highly sought-after dishes, its attentive service and the professionalism of its chef. Every day, it turns out premium-quality fish-based specialities. Its exquisite, freshly-sourced fish can be eaten raw possibly accompanied by a selection of rare oysters. Contemporary cuisine paired with a wine-list boasting more than 130 labels, including several gems of Italian and French production.
NOTE: Glauco Seafood Restaurant serves only sustainable-seafood based dishes, using ingredients from the producers approved by the Friend of the Sea Org

Via Maiocchi, 29
M1 (red line) Porta Venezia

+39 02 20241973