Giosa, when art meets artisanship

In bygone days, Milan was packed with small workshops and artisans. Today, the heritage of that old-world Milan lives on in an atelier in via Ciovasso, surrounded by art galleries and goldsmith’s shops, just steps from the Quadrilatero della Moda. It is here, where the passion for working exclusive crocodile skins is apparent in every creation signed by Giosa Milano, that Giorgio Santamaria and his son Gioele continue to write the history of high-end Milanese craftsmanship. Giosa has pursued its artistic evolution by combining its collection of crocodile leather accessories with new items. Customers entering Giosa Milano become the “architects” of their creations. They can choose from a wide variety of crocodile skins, available in an extensive range of colours and finishes at the atelier’s historic vault where they can create their own unique and customized accessories under the guidance of expert artisans. Giosa has elevated the working of crocodile leather to an art form, shaping it according to the requirements of a sophisticated clientele in search of an exclusive, luxury handcrafted product. Together with crocodile, colours are the distinguishing feature of Giosa Milano’s collections. The warm shades of coral and fuchsia blend harmoniously with vibrant greens and innovative white, creating a perfect backdrop for the spring/summer 2020 collections. Simple lines, compact shapes, functionalism and elegance are the hallmark characteristics of timeless, unique bags.

Via Ciovasso, 6
M1 (red line) Cairoli – M2 (green line) Lanza
T: +39 02 86997441

Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm.