UPDATING (December 2022) – The location has definitely been closed.

NEW OPENING – Coinciding with the opening of Expo, the Tank, a multi-functional, itinerant pop-up space has debuted in Milan. Housed in a space extending over a surface area of more than 5,000 sq.m. at the old railway station of Porta Romana, it is located at the exit of the M3 Lodi T.I.B.B. metro stop. This former abandoned industrial area has now been redeveloped and rebuilt using shipping containers, each used for a different purpose: a shopping centre boasting more than 20 spaces dedicated to art, design and fashion, 12 refreshment stations including pubs, cocktail bars and street food stalls offering nibbles from all over Italy, as well as more traditional eateries featuring several of the best-known names on the Milanese food scene.
Open daily 4pm-12Midnight; Sat-Sun 11pm-12Midnight (until 10 November 2015)

Piazzale Lodi, 2.
Former Porta Romana Railway Station
M3 (yellow line) Lodi T.I.B.B.