This spring, the butterfly is the new symbol of the Dodo collection. Hovering lightly in the air, it comes in three sought-after versions: diamonds, brown diamond and sapphires, to convey a message of strength and kindness. In fact, each of Dodo’s small charms carries a message that transmits positive feelings and emotions, in keeping with its ‘Happy attitude philosophy’. But the exclusivity of these jewels does not end here. Dodo is known as the first jewel created to be mixed and matched to allow wearers to create their own individual style. Inspiration stems from ethnic jewelry, a cord on which to string jewels and shells, pearls and feathers depending on the mood of the moment. The classic cord that comes as a gift with each charm signifies just this: the freedom to combine jewels at will, by choosing from among the myriad pieces featured in the Dodo jewelry range including its family of Animals, its Letters (both big and small) and its series of Numbers. A rich collection of charms created with precious and semi-precious stones is available for all occasions and each gem (right down to the smallest) is enhanced by a special cut and setting, for a unique, unforgettable gift.

A Creative Boutique

Dodo’s journey began in 2002 with the opening of its first boutique in Naples. Today, the brand boasts as many as 34 flagship stores and 400 select retailers across the world. Its locations are easily recognizable thanks to their vibrant colours and whimsical moods, the brainchild of famous Italian designer Paola Navone. However, they are also designed to stimulate and excite the imagination, providing inspiration to create a necklace or a bracelet that is uniquely you, for a truly precious shopping experience.

Corso Matteotti, 9
M1 (red line) San Babila
T: +39 02 49524750