Founded in 1881 and now run by the fourth generation, it is considered one of the oldest venues in the city. Since its inception, the shop has been a reference point for style and elegance in writing paper, business cards, printed documents, prints and antique maps, desk items and photo albums in beautifully handcrafted leather according to time-honoured Italian tradition. 

This historic store, known for years as the “Bottega Storica” (historical brand), was founded in 1881 by Francesco Pettinaroli when he moved from Lago di Orta to Milan.

Pettinaroli e Figli Historical Brand Milan Today
The shop today

Right from the start, it took the form of a stationery store with annexed printing and binding shop. It quickly became known to the Milanese, who perhaps had been waiting just for such a store to open.
The fine paper, precise and elegant workmanship and high-class papercraft products were a hit with the inhabitants, who have continued to flock to Pettinaroli throughout its 130 years of business.
They come to have the printing work done for their most important events, all printed using the most highly refined techniques: births, first communions, weddings, invitations, personal or business letterhead, business cards of all types.
In 1883, two years after it opened, the store moved from Via San Raffaele to Via Santa Radegonda, where it would remain until 1959, when it moved to its current location on Piazza San Fedele at the corner of Via Marino. By lucky chance, in all these moves, the store has never lost its view of the symbol of Milan: the “Little Madonna” atop the highest spire of the cathedral, whence the saying “…a hundred years in the shadow of the Madonnina”.
Prints Pettinaroli
Some of the ancient prints on display in the shop

The shop is now in its fourth generation and the fact that the store has always been in the family has ensured that its essence remains unaltered: everyone has added something of his own while continuing the work of his predecessors and cultivating his own personal passions. One dedicated great attention to developments in typography, one recruited gifted artisans to produce exclusive articles, another sought out small yet exacting paper manufacturers, while yet another developed his passion for historical prints: English, botanical and cartographic, in which Francesco has become one of Italy’s leading experts, taking part in specialized shows all over Europe.
A priority through all these years has always been the search for, or production of, fine quality, exclusively Italian-made articles and the valorization of the Italian tradition of artisanry, something of which the owners are particularly proud.
francesco pettinaroli with his maps
Francesco Pettinaroli, holding an ancient map

Francesco and Giorgio, flanked by competent specialists, are now at the helm, investing the same passion and enthusiasm that has distinguished this store for over one hundred years.

Via Brera, 4
T: +39 02 86464642-1875
M2 (green line) Lanza

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