Synonymous with exclusivity since 1881, iconic Milanese stationery brand Pettinaroli is located just moments away from La Scala. At its boutique you can purchase historical maps of Milan, belonging to the vast personal collection of Francesco Pettinaroli, the owner of the shop. The maps sold testify to the growth and changes that have taken place in the city and its streets, giving life to an historical chronology that one would be hard put to find elsewhere. In fact, it was not merely by chance that, in 2006, the City of Milan assigned Pettinaroli with ‘Bottega Storica’ status, serving as proof of its importance as a heritage site. Visitors will be awed by its interior, partly furnished with late 19th century furniture inherited from the original shop, and by the variety of articles on offer including visiting cards and personalized letterheads. Thanks to the close collaboration between the sales department and the adjacent printing and binding facilities, customers can order exclusive items created using artisanal lithographic techniques, a sure guarantee of unique, typically Milanese luxury.
Please note that, since April 2017, the store has moved to via Brera, 4. 

Via Brera, 4
M2 (green line) Lanza
T: +39 0286464642-1875