A triumph of colours and exquisite fabrics welcome visitors crossing the threshold of this one-of-a-kind space in via Lecco, formerly home to a 17th century convent. A world consisting of printed cotton spreads, quilts, organza throws, cushions, curtains, tapestries, tablecloths and lots more. The East with its boundless creative and cultural heritage serves as an endless source of inspiration for Lisa Corti: in India she discovered a fascinating world that fired her imagination, her sense of spirituality and her taste for the absolute. It is here that the designer sources her cotton muslins, her organzas and her sparkling white cottons, the pure colours that she uses to fashion her striking hand-printed fabrics. Although Lisa Corti designs her creations in Italy, each and every item featured in her collections is produced in India by expert artisans who scrupulously monitor each step of the production process, from weaving and dying of the cotton to printing using the time-honoured block print technique. Over time, the project evolved and her home collection was enriched by a garment line consisting of organza kaftans, light muslin ‘kurtas’, ‘ghagra’ skirts, ‘grettate’ shirts and a wide range of accessories.
Open Mon 3pm-8pm; Tue-Fri 10am-8pm.

Via Lecco, 2
M1 (red line) Porta Venezia
T: +39 02 29405589