Out and about in the city, lots of useful suggestions and hot-off-the-press news about several boutiques and ateliers where you can find hats for all occasions.
From Where Milan’s reporter Carolina Scuri

1. BORSALINO. It all began in 1857 when Giuseppe Borsalino opened a workshop in Alessandria, Italy. This marked the onset of what has today become an icon of style and a symbol of “Made-in-Italy”. What makes these creations so special is their manufacture, from the choice of the felt made exclusively from hare or rabbit, to the fifty some stages involved in production. Each hat is a masterpiece that requires seven weeks to be completed in compliance with the qualitative and stylistic standards of this historic company.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 92
T: +39 02 89015436
Via Sant’Andrea, 5
T: +39 02 76017072

Located on viale Monza, Cappelleria Cabella offers hats selected from among the best-known companies on the market, focusing, in particular, on leading Italian brands. The hallmark feature of this store lies in the art of crafting strictly made-to-measure headgear of all types! A craft handed down for three generations while maintaining all of its inherent characteristics intact.

Viale Monza, 20
T: +39 333 7074859
Mon 3pm-7.30pm; Tues-Sat 9am-12.30am/3pm-7.30pm

3. GIUSY BRESCIANI ATELIER. Conventional yet avant-garde, Giusy Bresciani experiments with the new while respecting the time-honoured values of Italian craftsmanship. She dedicates particular attention to traditional materials embellished by the use of more innovative ones. In an era in which the word “handmade” is increasingly a memory of the past, the atelier offers hats for all occasions. Created according to the personality of each and every customer, glam, alluring accessories, reminders of times gone by, become exclusive items to be flaunted with pride on all occasions.

Via Bernardino Zenale, 15
T: +39 02 84341719

4. GALLIA E PETER. The oldest milliner’s shop in Milan, this is a place where the past and the future meld to give life to luxury, handcrafted masterpieces, blurring the boundaries between craftsmanship and art. Laura Marelli does not only make ornaments, or objects to cover the head but goes one step further to create symbols that epitomize the personalities of her loyal customers. Berets of all types, whether minimalist, opulent, large or small, showy or discreet, are all handcrafted according to traditional techniques and modelled according to individual customer requirements.

Via Moscova, 60
T: +39 02 76002628

5. CADÒ. Dorina Camusso, the founder of Cadò to whom credit goes for the original creations developed using cutting-edge techniques based on time-honoured customs, personalizes her styles with a touch of irony. The method used to create this magnificent headgear is unconventional, based more on an architectural rather than creative approach. With the help of two milliners, Dora Camusso creates hats featuring unusual lines and shapes without, however, foregoing the diktats of comfort and functionalism.

Via Solari, 41
T: +39 333 7074859
Mon-Sat 10.30am-12.30am/3.30pm-7pm By appointment only

6. MUTINELLI. Freedom is the watchword of the Mutinelli boutique, where satisfying individual tastes and finding interesting propositions which, from the most classic to the most bizarre, are designed to become the distinctive element of their wearers’ outfit. This is a characteristic which, like its philosophy, has remained unchanged at this hat shop since 1888. Its antique flooring, its original décor and several old working tools that are still used today will take you back to the time when the hat was a cult accessory.

Corso Buenos Aires, 5
T: +39 02 29523594

7. LORENZO BORGHI CAPPELLI. Lorenzo Borghi, an artisan who for more than forty yeas has been crafting hats and headgear for an elite clientele, continues to ply his time-honoured trade at his workshop where he is responsible for each and every stage of the work cycle. He shapes his creations directly on original wooden blocks dating back to 1943, using machinery of his own invention to give life to rare objects whose simple or bizarre lines express the marriage between his creative genius and the craftsmanship for which Italian products are renowned.

Via dei Piatti, 5
T: +39 02 874705