If you’re a music lover with a passion for rare vintage vinyls, Milan is the place to be. From the Navigli district to Northern Milan, the city of the Madonnina boasts some of the most well-equipped vintage records stores selling a vast array of vinyls and record players. Serendeepity, for example, in corso di Porta Ticinese 100 is known for its collection of rare vinyl records, as well as for its vintage object d’arts such as white and black prints. In case your curiosity for retro records hasn’t been fulfilled yet, head North towards Sesto San Giovanni (roughly 11 km from Milan) where Sbarbaro Music, in Viale Fratelli Casiraghi 62, will satisfy any music need, boasting one of the largest collections of vinyls, cds and records of any musical genre. (T: +39 02 2401036)