In the heart of Brera, in an elegant early 20th century Milanese building, the Valstar brand has recently opened its first ever flagship store. The elegant boutique in Via Brera 2 skilfully combines contemporary design elements with more classic details.
Following the launch of the new website and e-commerce platform, this opening marks a new stage in the brand’s expansion plan.

Timeless cuts and natural elegance of the outerwear are the characteristic features of the brand born in England  but that moved its production to Milan in 1911. The leitmotif of the brand’s history is to follow trends, to respond to the needs of male elegance in step with the evolution of taste, work and the conception of free time. Valstar offers unique pieces that improve with the passage of time. The brand’s quest for excellence is also reflected in the selection of precious handcrafted fabrics: houndstooth virgin wool, Prince of Wales, cotton corduroy, soft suede, water-repellent fabrics and warm eco-padding.

Valstarino jacket
The original Valstarino jacket (c) Mattia Balsamini

This is the name the company has given to the timeless suede jacket with Made in Italy craftsmanship, that can be worn all year round. Created in 1935, with a design that has remained unchanged since then (in suede with knitted cuffs, collar and belt), the “Valstarino” jacket is of military inspiration and derives from the A1 flight jacket which was designed and issued in 1927 as a summer jacket for US Air Force pilots. Today, woven and technical fabrics have been replaced by goat suede which has the optimal level of softness, elasticity and breathability. The Valstarino is now available in a wide range of fabrics and materials in addition to goat suedes: from Italian wool flannels to hearty British tweeds, to cutting-edge cotton and nylon blend fabrics for water resistance.

Valstar jackets and raincoats are another popular garment worldwide, so much so that they have been used by international film and music legends such as Humprey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn in “Casablanca”, through to Marcello Mastroianni, Marlon Brando, Madonna, Eric Clapton and Jude Law. All these personalities have contributed to the creation of the Valstar brand and to making it a point of reference in men’s luxury.