Name: Bocconi University (in Italian: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)

Type: Italian Private University

Description: a private, secular university targeted at prospective entrepreneurs, managers and legal experts, the institute is recognized by the Italian Government. A pioneer in its field, the Bocconi University was the first institute of its kind in Italy to offer courses solely in English, an offer that, over the years, has increased more rapidly than any other Italian university.
Several former Bocconi alumni hold leading positions in international politics and economy including, for example, Nouriel Roubini, Joerg Amussen, Emma Bonino and Alberto Alesina, while starred faculty members have included illustrious Nobel prize winner for Economics Michael Spence.

Open since: 1968

Founder(s)/Mission: Ferdinando Bocconi, a wealthy Italian merchant (his name is connected to the historic department store La Rinascente), founded the School and named it after his lost son Luigi. It is the first private university founded in Italy and destined to aspiring businessmen.

Partnerships: over 200 collaborations with other universities worldwide, including the Columbia University, Harvard and Berkeley.

Partnership in International Management (PIM)
Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS)
Its School of Management SDA Bocconi is member of the Italian association for education in management ASFOR

Ranking/Awards: SDA Bocconi is one of the few business schools in the world to hold ‘triple crown’ accreditation which is awarded by three of the most prestigious school accreditation associations worldwide:  AACSBEQUIS and AMBA. Furthermore, it has continued to rise rapidly in several of the most prestigious international rankings including being nominated one of the top 10 business schools in Europe by the Financial Times. Its core values include professionalism, entrepreneurship, integrity, responsibility and an open-minded attitude towards pluralism.

Students’ Nationalities: international students are increasing in number (15-20% in 2014). In particular, at the School of Management SDA Bocconi about a quarter of the students are from Italy, while more than a half are from Europe.

Accommodation Service: Yes. Bocconi University offers its students 6 residences featuring 1600 housing rooms, a part of which is destined to students after an evaluation of their families’ economic conditions: precedence is given to families with lower income.

Fees: fees are means-tested and divided into brackets. Tuition and fees are also supported by the Bocconi financial aid system and fee reductions.


Courses in international business administration, accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance and law

To become: expert in finance or in risk management, business administrator, global executive, international manager (in various fields, such as: marketing, sales, innovation and technology, arts, culture, media and entertainment, green and social economy, human resources, food and beverage, healthcare and more)
Language of Instruction: some courses are offered in English, others in Italian
Courses (types and duration):
Bocconi University offers a list of Bachelors, Masters of Science, MBAs, Pre-experience Masters, PhDs, Executive Masters (at SDA Bocconi), all taught in English language.
Readers should check with the University staff for the availability of short courses, summer courses and part-time courses destined to international students. Contact the University.
Places: limited.


Via Roberto Sarfatti, 25
T: +39 02 58363535