This institute, public and secular, continues the longstanding tradition of the renowned Lombard instrument-making school, founded in Cremona and established in Milan in the 19th century by the last Cremonese luthier. Learning to craft musical instruments at a school rather than in a workshop gives students a chance to interact with the entire teaching body and with their peers, while  also offering them the opportunity of using the costly equipment provided to learn, create and restore instruments in the classroom.

On-site facilities include laboratories for the construction, varnishing and testing of instruments. The institute also offers a series of courses dedicated to technical design, acoustics, history and chemistry.

At the end of the first year of the course to become a Instrument Making Technician, students are asked to craft their own classical guitar while, at the end of the second year, they are asked to construct a lute, thereby offering them the option of making a choice of the field in which they want to specialize in order to continue their training.
Lessons are held in Italian, students must have proficiency in the language.


Via Noto, 4
30-minute walk from M2 Abbiategrasso Chiesa Rossa
T. +39 02 88448821
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