Milan is not just famous for its monuments and its thousand-year-old history, but also for its dynamism and its countless chances to enjoy the typical movida. Many are the possibilities for leisure, that range from bars where you can taste the famous ‘aperitivo milanese’, to clubs where people can dance to the crack of dawn.
There is just one key tip for those who plan a fun night in Milan: forget about the aversions towards different sexual orientations. Indeed, the City of the Madonnina is one of the cities that display the widest variety of LGBT friendly clubs in Italy. Moreover, Milan is a good example to show how they can be perfectly harmonized with the most traditional concepts of bars and clubs, as such spaces are widespread without distinctions in any area of the City, though mostly grouped nearby Porta Venezia District.

Membership Card

Arcigay Card
Arcigay Card

For those aiming to discover the LGBTIQ friendly dimension it’s useful to know that, especially to access gay cruise bars and saunas, people must be in possession of the Arcigay Card (right photo), easy to subscribe at any member center (see below map), or at the entrance of the club itself showing your ID, with a price of roughly 15 € and valid for one year, starting from the purchase date. This card allows to take part to any activity such as political and recreational events introduced by Arcigay, the most relevant non-profit organization in Italy committed to the struggle against homophobia and also organizer of the yearly Gay Pride march, check here for present or future gay pride marches in Milan.
Are you curious to learn about all the leisure possibilities for the LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexuals, intersexuals and transgender)?

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Official website of Arcigay Milano

Map: Arcigay Member Centers