What is the Milan Tourist MuseumCard?

The official card issued by the City of Milan gives you unlimited access to a number of Museums of Milan (only to their permanent collections), and discounts on other city events and attractions.
Note: some of the included attractions are always free, others are free in the last hours of daily opening. You will find a poster of the “Tourist MuseumCard” in each museum, so you will be able to ask for help to the operator even with language barriers.
If you are planning to take advantage of the card, you could also buy a carnet for public transport and spare your energy to walk inside the museums instead of rushing from a building to the other the entire day.

Where can I use it?

The card allows unlimited access to the following museums:

Tourist MuseumCard 2022
Tourist MuseumCard 2022

Card Price: 12€
3 days after its first validation
How to buy it:
At any of the featured museums
Online: on Vivaticket

Contacts (Italian language):
FB: comunemilano.cultura
TW: culturamilano