Lizzie OsterkampElizabeth (Lizzie) Osterkamp, a young student from California and a fashion, travel and photography enthusiast, is fulfilling one of her dreams during her studies in Strategic Communication (University of Colorado, USA): to get to know – and be able to tell about – her experience in one of the world’s fashion cities, discovering her favourite fashion brands. Here she tells us about the world of Fendi, between fashion, furs and collaborations.

Fendi promotes their elegance and experimentation through the pieces they produce. Their craftsmanship relates directly to the birthplace of Fendi which is Rome. Leather and fur are the main materials used which contributes to the meaning of their logo, “Fun Furs,” represented by two Fs.
Their location at the Galleria was my first stop and is newer compared to their location on Via Montenapoleone. The location in the Galleria has two floors with the bottom floor dedicated to women’s purses, shoes, jewelry and accessories, and the top floor is dedicated to men.

At the location on Via Montenapoleone, everything is on both floors except shoes which can be found on the second floor. The most marvelous part of the Via Montenapoleone location was their real fur coats. There were a few displayed around the store, and most of them were long colorful pieces, but a few were shorter in length. All the pieces were elegant and truly represented high fashion. Another added feature currently in the Fendi store is the Fendi and Versace collaboration called Fendace. They kept the secret from the world and debuted their collection at Milan Fashion Week in September of 2021. The creative directors switched roles and added their own flair to the other brand. ‘F’s, chains and gold were added to make up the newest collaboration. It was released in stores in May of 2022 and getting to see the handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories along with the collaborated displays to promote the collection was a dream come true.
Fendi Casa, located in the Piazza della Scala, houses the newest collection of home decor and was viewable to the public during Milan Design Week. This collection is in collaboration with Design Holding, and all the pieces are carefully crafted with a variety of creative designers.”