BikeMI and eBikeMI! – The city of Milan’s bike sharing service is an alternative system of public transport to facilitate short trips within the city (maximum 2 hours). Easy, practical and ecological, it can be used in conjunction with ATM’s traditional public transit network. It is available from over two hundred stations that dot the city of Milan.
The service operates 365 days a year,  from 7am to midnight.ebikemi


BikeMi bikes (regular bicycles, yellow colour, see top photo): first 30 minutes free of charge, then €0.50 every 30 minutes.
eBikeMi bikes (electric bicycles, red colour, see right photo): first 30 minutes €0.25, second 30 minutes €0.50, then €1 for the third half hour.
Payment by credit card only.

How to subscribe to BikeMi:

Riders can subscribe for a period of 1 day, 1 week or 1 year.
Visit the website or go to the ATM Points (Duomo, Cadorna, Centrale FS, Garibaldi FS, Romolo, Loreto).

Video: How to use BikeMi, published on July 2017