QR code validation in Milan underground
QR code validation in Milan underground

Milan’s local public transportation authority ATM has introduced a new ticketing system available to any mobile phone supplied with the official app, available both for Android and IOS operative systems. It allows users to buy some of the different carnet tickets available in Milan.

Owner of Italian SIM cards

Those owning an Italian SIM card can text a message to the number 48444 containing the word ATM to get a regular ticket (2 euros).

International users

Those who don’t own an Italian SIM card just need to download the official app ATM Milano and register providing a valid PayPal account to purchase a single or daily ticket for the urban area and a single or return ticket for Rho Fiera at the same price of any ATM tickets seller. The ticket purchased, in any of these two brand-new options, users just need to place the QR code received on the mobile phone near the turnstile or the QR code reader to validate and enjoy any of Milan’s public transports (see right image, credits: Urbanfile).

Download the APP

You can find the app ATM Milanoon iTunes or on Google Play.
For further info visit the official ATM website.