Those visiting Milan this month will find an apparently deserted city because August is when most people take their holidays. However, take it easy and don’t be discouraged, even in August Milan continues to throb with life. This is a great time to enjoy an unencumbered view of the city. In August, the best way to see the sights is by riding a tram, hiring a bike or simply taking to the streets with a good guide in hand and we can assure you that nothing is better than this magazine and the suggestions given by your concierge.
Milan is a different city in August. Life is much calmer, traffic less congested and opportunities abound. The crisis hit hard here meaning that you will be able to find a number of excellent shopping options at affordable prices. Furthermore, if you’re a non-Eu citizen you will be able to take further advantage of our premium tax-free shopping option.
We warmly suggest a visit to the Museum of Science and Technology, one of the most interesting in Europe, situated just moments away from the Cenacolo or the Museo Archeologico, a small gem that will give you an insightful view into the origins of Milan, currently hosting a temporary exhibit about the reign of the Empire in the holy land during the time of Jesus. Whatever you do, don’t miss the jewellery display. The exhibition can be completed in just under one hour, thus leaving you time to visit several of Milan’s most beautiful frescoes hosted in the Church of San Maurizio, housed in the same building as the Archaeological Museum.
If you’re wondering what to do next, continue a little further towards the centre of the city until you reach the Ambrosiana, home to numerous masterpieces by Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. Make sure to bring this copy of Where with you as it will entitle you to a free audioguide.
Before leaving, remember two things: vote for your favourite concierge on and register on designed to help you keep you in touch with the city at all times. The city is now yours: discover and enjoy!


Publisher, Where Milan