Here is the PDF archive of Where Milan and other publications by Where Italia. You can download the latest issues and save them on your device (computer, phone, ipad,…). if you prefer, you can browse your favourite issue online at, where you will also find the new magazine Where Venice!

Where Milan – 2018

WM-May-Cover May  WM April cover April
 WM March cover March WM February cover February WM January cover January

Other Publications

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Where Milan – 2017

WM December cover December WM November cover November WM October cover October
WM September cover September WM August cover August WM July cover July
WM May cover June WM May cover May WM April cover April
WM-Mar17-Cover March february cover February  WM-Jan17-Cover January

Where Milan – 2016

WM-Dec16-Cover December WM-Nov16-Cover November WM cover October 2016 October
WM-Sept16-Cover September  WM-Aug16-Cover August WM cover july 2016 July
WM-Jun16-Cover June WM cover may 2016 May WM cover april 2016 April
Wm-Feb16-Cover March Wm-Mar16-Cover February WM_cover_january January

Where Milan – 2015

WM-Nov15-Cover.jpg December WM-Nov15-Cover.jpg November WM-Oct15-Cover.jpg October
Cover of the September issue September Cover of the August issue August Cover of the July issue July
WM-Jun15-Cover June  WM-May15-Cover May Cover of the April issue April
 WM-Mar15-Cover March WM_cover_february February WM_cover_january January

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