Where to enjoy a quick gym session in Milan, a functional workout or fitness classes, maybe under the supervision of a personal trainer? We've selected for you some of the best options for a cutting-edge, innovative and fast gym session in the city. The ideal solution to help reduce the gained pound resulting from the Christmas lunches and dinners.

A map of these venues follows

What to do if you happen to be in Milan and don’t want to give up on your fitness routine? You don’t have to worry, as the majority of Milan’s luxury hotels features a private gym where you can train, do bodybuilding exercises, weight-lifting and tone up programmes. The city also boasts a uber-rich selection of gyms offering additional services such as fitness, matwork, yoga, boxing, functional activities and CrossFit classes. However, the majority of the local gyms don’t include the possibility to enjoy a daily gym pass, but only offer subscriptions from 1 to 12 months. Good news for you, as new alternative training methods combining functional training and cutting-edge technologies, such as electrical impulses and cold therapy are rapidly increasing their presence in the city. Grab your gym clothes and enjoy our selection.

Natked - CityLife District

The brainchild to Gianluca De Benedictis – president and technical director – Natked focuses on an innovative high-intensity method, a functional training combining resistance programmes, martial arts, dance settings and yoga techniques for a full-body workout. Performed totally barefoot and based on three different styles – Elements, Flow and Strength – Natked’s method has been conceived to enhance fluidity and flexibility, as well as strength and resistance, and to re-balance the body. After a one-to-one consultation, a personal trainer designs the best training for each one’s needs and suggests the best collateral wellness programmes between cryotherapy, massotherapy and osteopathy to reach the ideal wellbeing and body shape. Natked features two gyms, one under the shade of CityLife’s skyscrapers and one in the heart of the Porta Nuova district.

Functional training classes at Natked Milano
Functional training classes at Natked Milano

Address: Piazza Tre Torri c/o CityLife Shopping District
Public Transport: M5 (purple line) Tre Torri

Address: via Amerigo Vespucci, 12 (entrance from via Melchiorre Gioia)
Public Transport: M2 (green line) Gioia

Fit and Go - Sempione District

Based on a futuristic and technologically-advanced methods, Fit and Go focuses on the activation of the deepest body muscles in a 20-minute high-intensity workout. To do it, at Fit And Go the most traditional training are enhanced by the use of EMS technologies (Electro Myo Stimulation) applied on the body thanks to specific full-body suits which deeply stimulate over 300 muscles in contemporary. A dedicated gym coach conceives the most ideal functional training with the use of weights, specific treadmills and vacuum exercise bikes based on each customer’s needs and target, be it weight loss, postpartum recover, postural issues, recovery from an injury, metabolic reset or to reduce cellulite. Specific training programmes also enable guests to reduce backache or increase their sports performances with just one training a week, which is said to correspond to four traditional workouts.
Please note: All the necessary equipment for the trainings such as total-body suits and shower products are provided.

A training session at Fit and Go
A training session at Fit and Go

Address: Via Piero della Francesca, 69
Public Transport: M5 (purple line) Domodossola
T: +39 375 50 26 294
www.fitandgo.it (in Italian)