Mazzolari’s story is one of curiosity, where the art of perfumery is dedicated to the discovery of one’s own beauty. A journey three generations long, which began in the early 1950s when its founder – Augusto Mazzolari – played among the fragrances in the ‘room at the end of the corridor of the house’: the laboratory where his father Ferdinando, owner of a coiffeur salon, kept several colognes and numerous bottles ready to receive the components of new creations.
In the 1960s, the young Augusto created his first perfumes and his first cosmetics line, with the opening of his first boutique in the heart of Milan. Gradually, other Milanese boutiques were born, which by the Seventies were already numerous. Mazzolari’s brand knows celebrities who make regular stops there, but its offer is transversal and its vocation universal, as in the Nineties, in which it also enters as a venue for events, hosting the launch of the products of the most sought-after brands and guaranteeing expert and punctual beauty advice to anyone who visits its shops.
Until the present day, when Mazzolari received the coveted certificate of ‘Bottega Storica di Milano‘ and the story continues.

Marina Mazzolari was born and grew up in the world of beauty and recounts with great enthusiasm how she used to do her homework in the back of the shop and, fascinated by that world, decided to build a small cardboard stall where she too could sell like the grown-ups! She sold perfume samples and Daddy Augusto was even fined for child labour… Even today, however, between laughs and memories, she fondly recalls the beginning of her wonderful journey into the world of perfumery.
Today – and genetics don’t lie – as Mr Augusto, she carries on the family business that boasts 7 boutiques with extreme skill and great enthusiasm, running the business with her husband Luca, with the constant presence of father Augusto.
Together with his wonderful and trustworthy staff, he also creates a family atmosphere with his customers thanks to his professional, refined style, but always with that touch of magic that he transmits to anyone who walks through the doors of that fantastic microcosm that is Profumerie Mazzolari. Marina, tireless and dreamy, posts content and images dedicated to Mazzolari Perfumery on her Instagram page every day.

I love cycling around my beloved Milan. Leaving home early in the morning for the streets of the city centre, I go for a coffee and a brioche at the beloved Marchesi pastry shop on Via Montenapoleone, then go to my shop on Corso Matteotti for a hello to the girls of the staff, and then arrive on the city’s most central pedestrian street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele. From here I can admire the imposing Duomo with the majestic Madonnina on the highest spire, much loved by the Milanese and others…
In the evenings, on my way home from work I like to pass by the Via Palestro park, stretching a little way, a green enchantment in the heart of Milan; then I pass by for a ‘hello’ to the pink pelicans of Casa Invernizzi and can’t miss an aperitif at the legendary Lùbar. I love coming home with the sun just setting, because after all, I was born, live and work in the city I love and carry in my heart. At one time it was called ‘Milano da bere‘ (Milan to drink), but also to admire, strolling by bicycle to make the day lighter.”