They call him the “Angel of the Navigli”. Although he can often be described more as an elf than an angel. It is not uncommon for him to appear at official ceremonies in roller skates and a bandana. But when it comes to educating on civility and coexistence, he is unrivalled.
In principle you can find him on the Naviglio Grande, the one that leads from Ticino to Milan, at the Darsena. You can book a kayak or canoe excursion with him (we recommend it!). Obviously Milan seen from the water is a remarkable experience. But you might also find Simone busy cleaning the bottom of the canals where he has collected hundreds of bicycles thrown into the water by drunks or vandals over the past few years. The cleaning can be even more intense because in the Navigli, for centuries, people have been throwing all kinds of rubbish (one of the reasons why the inner circle of the Navigli became unhealthy in the mid-20th century). For his meritorious work, Simone received the “Ambrogino d’Oro“, the highest civic recognition, from the city of Milan.
Milan Welcome Magazine considers him one of the most “beautiful” people in the city and has therefore included him in its People of Milan column.
What Simone recommends to our international guests: “Visit Milan with the spirit of a child. You will discover things you cannot imagine, above all a thousand-year-old history that has left more or less discreet traces everywhere. You can get around everywhere by bicycle. You will have fun, it will be good for you, and good for our city”.