We are on the eve of a very important Salone del Mobile. After two years, we are returning to see the city alive, foreigners out shopping, hotels already over 80 % full with the reasonable certainty of reaching 100 %. We like the idea of involving neighbourhood residents, associations as well as businesses in a morning of sport, wellness but above all community and participation. Our area has become even more lively since the opening of Mercato Centrale thanks to the presence of many new businesses

When we suggest to a guest what to do in our city today, we also like to tell them about and recommend less conventional itineraries, such as a tour of Milan’s new skyline or a boat trip on the Navigli. Telling people about our city through a well-made welcome allows us to become ambassadors of our cultural and city reality ourselves. And it is with this in mind that we organise our urban plogging events, which we want to make permanent: for the citizens, it is true, but also for our guests. Ours is an appeal to work together to make the area more welcoming and clean today, with the aim of doing this every day by paying attention to everyday gestures that we do not always think about, such as throwing a paper or a cigarette on the ground.

Camilla, Elda and Giacomo Doni in front of the Hotel Astoria-Sure Collection by Best WesternCamilla with her siblings Elda and Giacomo in front of the Hotel Astoria-Sure Collection by Best Western in Viale Murillo. The hotel is owned by the Doni family, active in the hospitality business since 1955 and now in its third generation. In memory of the event, the mural “Blu Wall” created in record time by the Ortica Noodles Collective on the left wall of the building was donated to the city. “We are happy to offer this work to the city, in a Milan that is flourishing again we give our concrete contribution,” says Camilla Doni.
The theme of the work is autism awareness.
Starting in 2019, the Doni family has already married and promoted the “Inclusive Hotel” project, which Best Western is proposing to its hoteliers with the scientific support of the “L’abilità” association. The initiative aims to train hotel staff so that they can welcome people with autism spectrum disorders. The pilot hotel in Italy of this project is BW Madison Hotel, another structure of the Doni family in the Centrale District.