The E.c.ho. is a certified green hotel, but the entire Milan Complex has ‘green’ behaviour.
For example, every year we reward our best employee by donating a tree to Milan (thanks to the Forestami project). Then, we are proactive in organising activities to support the city of Milan, such as urban plogging organised with Centrale District or donations to Pane Quotidiano. We value territoriality, healthy food, and select raw materials from a transparent supply chain. We have created a new food waste management service in cooperation with ‘Too good to go‘ and revolutionised food waste management. We provide our guests with electric bikes and kick-scooters and electric car charging.

Beyond the most common points of interest in the city, these are my suggestions.
Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano: a 3-minute walk from the Ritz hotel, it is a small museum of conteporary art in a building by Piero Portaluppi.
On the green theme I would recommend a “secret” space that deals with sustainability and is really a gem. It’s called Cascina Nascosta and it’s in Parco Sempione (so you can get there on the green and red lines) You can even have breakfast or a snack there.
With our electric bikes I recommend a nice ride along the Naviglio Martesana. It is a safe route even for children and not very far from the Complex: you can ride a few kilometres into town or even as far as Cassano d’Adda. Discover more about the itinerary.
Then there is the Brera Botanical Garden, a super-secret jewel that has recently been renovated.
Finally, let’s not forget the 15th-century Bramante-style Cascina Pozzobonelli, right in front of our E.c.ho.