More than 200 initiatives, 7000 events scheduled, 500 public and private locations and 250 participating stores. These are the first figures (slated to increase) for “Expo in città”, the program promoted and coordinated by the city’s institutions to increase Expo’s target basin by involving not only the pavilion area but also the city’s urban space as a whole. Presented in November, the agreement between the authorities and business owners foresees an additional increase in hospitality standards, with the guarantee of multi-lingual services, longer shopping hours and the circulation of informative material in shops.

Six icons and ten keywords

The “Expo in città” programme follows two main roads: six icons that are part of the artistic heritage of Milan will make up the narrative frame, while ten keywords will organise the offer into areas of interest in a thematic index that is also a resource map. The six icons are proof of Milan’s enormous richness in works of art. Six works which, crossing through the history of Italian art, will accompany the months of Expo from May to October 2015. Six masterpieces associated with six words (BEginning, BEloved, BElong, BEside, BEyond and BElieve) that express their symbolic meaning and generate the phrase Milan, a place to BE. Performance, Art, Media, Creativity&Style, Leonardo, Kids, Science, Well Being, Città Mondo and Feed the Planet, are instead the ten keywords that cross the programme for language, content and reference public.
Here is the calendar of Expo in Città

Expo in città is a global project that gives life to a city, a city that is open and inclusive by tradition. Proposals and projects are arriving every day. The stage of our widespread Expo is taking shape. Milan will be the stage on which thousands and thousands of events will take place. Expo plus Expo in città: Milan doubles and will be the place to be in 2015. Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of Milan
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