September is about to end with its hot dates (check them here), but even in October, whether it’s discovering the events celebrating music or visiting an exhibition, Where® brings you this month’s unmissable dates.

1. Photo Exhibition Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The exhibition of the world’s very best nature photography returns to Milan this year with a selection of 100 breathtaking images divided into 16 categories. Until December, visitors at Fondazione Matalon can admire a selection of extraordinary images of the Earth that reflect the remarkable beauty and diversity of the natural world, highlighting the fragility of our planet’s wildlife (see main picture).

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2. Blind date: Concert in the Dark

Blind Date – Concert in the Dark has been staged since 2009 to raise awareness about avoidable blindness. The formula is simple – ‘light-darkness-light’, and concert goers find themselves in an atmosphere of semi-darkness. As the concert begins, the lights are gradually dimmed until the auditorium is shrouded in total darkness.

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3. 74th Open d’Italia: Golf Spectacular in Monza

The Monza-based golf club, one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in Italy, hosts the 74th Italian Open and has hosted two previous editions of the tournament. The Italian Open is one of the eight events of the Rolex Series, and is a highlight of the European Tour.

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4. Multimedia Exhibition: CHAGALL. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This multi-media exhibition is on show for the first time in Italy and offers visitors a new way of experiencing art. This unique format, features a mixture of theatre, music, technology and art. Visitors will be engrossed in a journey exploring the various phases of Marc Chagall’s life and artistic creations.

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5. Fall Design Week: a cornucopia of events

Following its successful debut in 2016, Fall Design Week will be returning to venues across the city from 7 to 15 October. Nine days of events, meetings, exhibitions, installations, films and conventions will animate different districts of the city from Brera to Lambrate, and the original municipal market in viale Monza.

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6. Discovering Caravaggio’s art

In addition to featuring 18 masterpieces on loan from several of Italy’s most famous museums, for the first time, Caravaggio’s canvases will be exhibited alongside their respective radiographic images, offering viewers a chance to see what lies beneath the surface of the paintings

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