Which are the best events happening in August in Italy? Find here the complete list selected by Where Milan. The very best of events in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Naples, the Alps and more. Find out where in Italy your events take place and use our personalized map at the end of this page.

FESTIVAL | Macerata Opera Festival

23 JULY – 14 AUGUST 2021
Macerata, near Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
The Macerata Opera Festival is a unique occasion to visit the Marche region, an off-the-beaten-track destination in Italy. A rural and charming area, Marche are the less known version of Tuscany. In 2021 the Macerata Opera Festival has on schedule the Traviata, The Magic Flute, and The Elixir of Love. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some opera in one of Italy’s most typical regions.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Macerata Opera Festival

FESTIVAL | Somewhere Festival

AUGUST – exact dates are still unknown
Various Locations, Calabria (Southern Italy)
Arts, nature, and music. Somewhere is an itinerant festival that brings together electronic dance music and the most charming sceneries of the region. Abandoned watch-towers and Medieval fortresses castled on the Mediterranean Sea have been the settings of concerts held by international DJs. Music featured: deep house, electronic dance
A very special event that brings you into the magic of this stunning region.
> Additional info and tickets Official FB account of Somewhere Festival

LOCAL FOLKLORE | The Salentine Martyrs of Otranto

14 AUGUST 2021
Otranto, near Bari and Brindisi, Apulia (Southern Italy)
Religious local festivities are something very peculiar to Italian culture. Otranto is one of Southern Italy’s most beautiful villages and was declared UNESCO Heritage. A city made of bright white houses perched on the blue Mediterranean Sea, Otranto has been influenced by the Greeks, the Ottomans, the Romans, the Normans, the Byzantines, and the Spanish. The local festivity of the Martyrs commemorates the 813 inhabitants that were killed on 14 August 1480 by the Ottomans because they refused to convert to Islam. The festivity consists of a procession, fireworks, music, and stalls selling local products.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Martyrs of Otranto

FESTIVAL | Summer Jamboree Music Festival

30 JULY – 8 AUGUST 2021
Senigallia, near Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
An international festival that celebrates United States’ music from the 1940s and the 1050s, Summer Jamboree consists of more than 40 concerts from noon to dawn on the beach. Everyday Summer Jamboree hosts a Vintage Market with a Cajun & Tex Mex Diner and street food stalls. Something not to miss for those passionate about American culture and rock’n roll scene.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Summer Jamboree Festival

LOCAL FOLKLORE | The Night of the Taranta folklore and dance

25 AUGUST 2021
Melpignano, near Brindisi, Apulia (Southern Italy)
The “tarantella” is the traditional Apulian folk dance. Danced by Mediterranean women it is said to have originated to cure hysteria (for its rapid and violent movements). The Notte della Taranta is a night dedicated to the celebration of folk culture in the region of Salento: the most beautiful part of Apulia. This festival celebrates Salento’s folk music and its fusion with jazz, rock, and classical music. Strongly suggested.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Notte della Taranta

FESTIVAL | Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro

Pesaro, near Florence and Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
The opera festival is held every year in Rossini’s birthplace, the city of Pesaro, one of the architectonic pearls of the country. The events is one of the most famous opera festivals in Italy and it is often referred simply as the Pesaro Festival. Performances are given in the 1818 Teatro Rossini. This is a beautiful opportunity to plunge into the culture of central Italy and the Italian opera tradition, only 2 hours from Bologna, 3 hours from Rome and Florence
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Pesaro Rossini Festival

LOCAL FOLKLORE | The Palio of the Assunta

14-15 AUGUST 2021
Fermo, near Rome and Florence, Marche (Central Italy)
It is one of the oldest pageants in Italy. The Palio and horse ride of the Assunta (The Virgin Mary) takes places every year in the Medieval town of Fermo: a charming small village in the centre of Italy. A historical event where the “contrade” (neighbourhoods) of the town race on horses one against each other for the trophy. The winner is brought with its horse in the Cathedral for the traditional blessing by the priest. You don’t want to miss this very Italian event that, together with the Palio of Siena and of Arezzo, certainly is a highlight in summer.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Cavalcata and Palio dell’Assunta

FESTIVAL | Locomotive Jazz Festival in Apulia

Different areas, Apulia (Southern Italy)
Salento is the most charming area of Apulia and one of the most beautiful areas in southern Italy. Locomotive Jazz Festival in an itinerant event with artists from all over the world performing in the beautiful and picturesque villages of the Apulian countryside.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Locomotive Jazz Festival

FESTIVAL | Montelago Celtic Festival

Colfiorito Highlands, near Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
A huge Celtic festival held in the breathtaking scenery of the Sibillini Mountains, in the central Appenines. The Colfiorito highlands are one of the most suggestive sights in the region. For three days they host, every summer, thousands and thousands of people dressed up according to Tolkien. Workshops, sports, fireworks, markets, and much more for this huge events of its kind.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Montelago Celtic Festival

DANCE | White Party at 5 Terre

Porto Venere, near Milan and Genova, Liguria (Northern Italy)
Are you visiting 5 Terre and you’re wondering what to do at nights? Do not miss White Party, an exclusive party with a specific dress-code: dress in white. In the charming atmosphere of the village of Porto Venere you can dance until dawn surrounded by the castle and the Mediterranean Sea of the Gulf of the Poets.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Porto Venere

MUSIC | Opera Season at La Fenice Theatre in Venice

Venice, Veneto (Northern Italy)
One of Venice’s landmarks and main attractions, Teatro la Fenice offers its guests an interesting 2018-2019 season featuring a meld of opera, performances, dance and a fascinating symphonic season. The Barber of Seville, La Boheme, and The Elixir of Love are just some of the names on the schedule.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of La Fenice Opera Theatre

MUSIC | Suoni dal Golfo: a Music Festival at 5 Terre

16 JULY – 8 AUGUST 2021
Cinque Terre, near Milan and Genova (Northern Italy)
This is probably one of the most unique and magic occasions to visit legendary destination Cinque Terre. A music festival held in the villages surrounding the Gulf of the Poets, a place that has inspired artists such as Shelley, Byron, and Wagner. The concerts are held in breathtaking locations such as Tellaro and Lerici, with the final show performed on a floating platform in the sea. Do not miss it.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Suoni dal Golfo Festival

EXHIBITION | Italian Garden and Superb American Art Collection at Villa Panza

Varese, near Milan, Lombardy (Northern Italy)
A majestic villa from the XVIII century with a superb Italian garden hosts one of the most prominent and important collections of American art in the world. Villa Panza, donated by Giuseppe and Giovanna Panza di Biumo to FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) in 1996 hosts a permanent collection with works by Dan Flavin and James Turrell among others and several temporary exhibitions. This is a must visit if in Milan. We strongly suggest having lunch at the villa’s restaurant facing the garden.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Villa Panza

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Nativity Scenes in San Gregorio Armeno

Naples, Campania (Southern Italy)
Nativity scenes are a must in Catholic culture but when in Naples, this tradition changes from simple ritual to art. Neapolitan artisans have been making presepe (nativity scenes) for centuries. In the city area of San Gregorio Armeno there are hundred stalls selling the most original ones. It is no oddity to find a Nativity Scene where Neapolitan house-wives appear next to Jesus while cooking spaghetti or Italian Politician are found as main actors of these scenes. This is a must visit if in Naples.
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GUIDED TOUR | Gran Sasso National Laboratory of Nuclear Physics

L’Aquila, Abruzzo (Central Italy)
Guided tours to the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) of Nuclear Physics. One of the most important laboratories in the world for the study of astrophysics and particle physics, this laboratory is located in the stunning landscapes of the Gran Sasso National Park and it features one of the longest underground tunnels in the world.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Gran Sasso Laboratory

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Night of the Candles

Vallerano – near Rome, Lazio (Central Italy)
The Night of the Candles is one of those magic and folkloristic events you don’t want to miss in Italy. The historical centre of the tiny village of Vallerano gets lit up every last Saturday of the month by thousand candles. In the meanwhile, acrobats, dancers, musicians, and street artists roam the streets entertaining the public.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Night of the Candles

FESTIVAL | La Guarimba International Film Festival

7-11 AUGUST 2021
Amantea, Calabria (Central Italy)
La Guarimba is a Film Festival with the aim of bringing the cinema back to the people and the people back to the cinema. It’s free! Cinema and illustration on show for five days in the stunning Mediterranean village of Amantea. A unique experience where you will find outdoor cinema, workshops, beach activities, concerts, Italian food, and an international community of directors, illustrators, and cinema lovers.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of La Guarimba International Film Festival

FESTIVAL | Magna Graecia Film Festival

Catanzaro, Calabria (Southern Italy)
Since thirteen years the Magna Graecia Film Festival has established itself as one of the most important cinema festival for first time director in Italy. Founded by director Gianvito Casadonte with the help of legendary director Ettore Scola it is today a jewel in Calabria’s cultural scene.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Magna Graecia Film Festival

LOCAL FOOD | Red Onion Festival

Ricadi – near Tropea, Calabria (Southern Italy)
One of the most famous ingredients of the Italian cuisine, red onions are originally from the picturesque and fancy beach village of Tropea, in southern Italy. Sweet, delicate, and crunchy, this particular onion is used in almost all Italian dishes. Fried, dipped into soups, with lobster dishes, or made into a delicious chutney, just try it during the Red Onion Festival in its original birthplace.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Tropea’s Festivals

FESTIVAL | Dance With the Wildboars: music, theatre, dance, markets

Vinadio, near Turin and Milan, Piedmont (Northern Italy)
Three days of music, dancing, theatre plays, markets, and workshops. Balla coi Cinghiali, namely “dance with the wild boars” is a niche festival held each year in the fortress of the small village of Vinadio, hosting national and international artists.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Balla coi Cinghiali Festival

EXHIBITION | Anselm Kiefer at Hangar Bicocca

Milan, Lombardy (Northern Italy)
Since 25 September 2016 Pirelli Hangar Bicocca unveiled the new installation by German contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer. The new show is and expansion of The Seven Heavenly Palaces, a permanent work conceived as a site-specific project in 2004. Five large-format paintings are now on display together with Kiefer’s seven towers.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Anselm Kiefer Installation

DANCE | Civitanova Dance

Civitanova near Rome, Marche (Central Italy)
Every July and August the city of Civitanova, in the region of Marche, hosts a big dance festival with workshops, courses, lessons, and shows. The festival is curated by the Ballet of the Scala Theatre in Milan and the Operà de Paris.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Civitanova Danza Festival

LOCAL FOLKLORE | Saint Mary of Leuca Procession

Santa Maria di Leuca, near Brindisi and Bari, Apulia (Southern Italy)
As with every patron, this kind of religious festivities are still very important in Italian popular culture. Summer is usually filled with picturesque and folkloristic religious processions, especially in the southern regions. Santa Maria di Leuca celebrates its patron on mid-August in the beautiful and stunning atmosphere of the sand-coloured basilica of Saint Mary of Leuca, in the Salento region. A huge procession with hundreds of people adoring the statue of the Virgin, a dancing party with the “pizzica” popular folk dance and a huge show of fireworks. Do not miss it if you are visiting Salento.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Santa Maria di Leuca

FESTIVAL | The Metropolitan Jazz Festival of Bari

Bari, Alberobello, Matera, Polignano a Mare, near Bar, Apulia (Southern Italy)
Apulia is one of Italy’s most celebrated and charming regions. Blessed with a warm climate, olive trees, and one of the finest regional cuisines in the country, it is one of the best choices as a holiday destination. Every summer the cities of Apulia (and from last year also the UNESCO site of Matera) celebrate with concerts and international artists the jazz scene.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Bari Metropolitan Jazz Festival

FESTIVAL | Rocce Rosse Blues in Sardinia

Different areas, Sardinia (Central Italy)
Rocce Rosse Blues, namely Red Rocks Blues, is a music festival held annually near Arbatax, Sardinia. The name comes from the suggestive red rocks that face the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Arbatax. Sardinia is no doubt the beach and sea destination par excellence in Italy: small bays, white and pink sandy beaches, red rocks, and crystal clear water. The festival usually hosts more than 150 different artists and it is held in more than 15 different locations.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Rocce Rosse Blues Festival

MUSIC | Enjoy Parade Music Festival

Porto Ferro, Sardinia (Central Italy)
Enjoy Parade is a huge music festival held in the magic atmosphere of Porto Ferro’s beach. Music, international artists, sports performances, and rock, reggae, techno, and hip-hop concerts. Plunge into Sardinia’s beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea and enjoy the party.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Enjoy Music Festival

MUSIC | Red Valley Music Festival

11-12-13-14 AUGUST
Arbatax, Sardinia (Central Italy)
The Red Valley Festival is probably among the most interesting events held in Sardinia during summer. A huge phoenix-like stage hosts international artists from all over the world, plunged into the surreal atmosphere of Arbatax’s red rocks bay. A dreamy atmosphere to celebrate music culture and mother earth.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Red Valley Festival

MUSIC | Artes et Sonos: arts and sounds in Sardinia

Oristano, Sardinia (Central Italy)
Meeting Artes et Sonos is an annual festival held in Sardinia, Italy’s top destination for who is looking for splendid beaches and breathtaking views. The festival celebrates ethnic and rock music and fine arts.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of Artes et Sonos Festival

FESTIVAL | International Firedancing Festival

Palermo and Stromboli Island, Sicily (Southern Italy)
Fire is a crucial element to Sicilian culture. This festival displays fire shows, fire acrobats, theatres, fire dancing, exhibitions, and performances of any kind. A huge event held between Palermo, Stromboli volcanic island, and other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, this festival speaks of the local culture.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Festival del Fuoco

FESTIVAL | Ancient Greek Theatre Festival of Siracusa

10 MAY – 8 JULY
Siracusa, near Palermo, Sicily (Southern Italy)
Siracusa’s Greek Festival is one of the most important events of this kind in Italy. Greek plays are on display in the spectacular atmosphere of Siracusa’s Roman amphitheatre. Among these: Oedipus at Colonus and Euripides’ Heracles.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Greek Theatre Festival of Siracusa

FESTIVAL | Estate Fiesolana: the oldest multidisciplinary festival in Italy

Fiesole, near Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
The Estate (Summer) Fiesolana is the oldest multidisciplinary festival in Italy. It dates back to 1911, when it took back for the first time in Italy to the stage Oedipus by Euripides. The programme schedule, in the historical atmosphere of the Roman amphitheatre, concerts, theatre plays, jazz, and dance. Fiesole is a charming little village just few minutes from Florence.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Estate Fiesolana

FESTIVAL | Puccini Opera Festival in Tuscany

12 JULY – 16 AUGUST 2019
Torre del Lago, near Florence, Tuscany (Central Italy)
Giacomo Puccini is probably the most celebrated Italian opera composer in the world. There is no better occasion than exploring his music in his homeland. This beautiful part of Tuscany, between Lucca, Pisa, and Viareggio (on the Thyrrenian Sea) hosts every year a huge festival featuring his most famous operas. Listen to Madama Butterfly while sitting in the suggestive theatre that faces the Massaciuccoli lake.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of the Puccini Festival in Massaciuccoli

MUSIC | Suoni delle Dolomiti is a High Altitude Music Festival on the Dolomites

Different areas on the Dolomites, near Trento, Trentino Alto Adige (Northern Italy)
Ever dreamt of listening to a trumpet or a violin overture at sunrise on top of a glacier? The Dolomites’ Sounds is one of the most charming and breathtaking events in Italy. It consists of a two month long summer festival featuring music concerts on top of the mountains.
> Additional info and tickets Official Website of I Suoni delle Dolomiti