[Photo by Andrea Jarach]
The palace was completed in 1781 following the design by Giuseppe Piermarini, who was inspired by the Royal Palace of Caserta, near Naples. The building was commissioned by Alberico di Belgioioso d’Este and is a fine example of Neoclassical architecture. One of the most interesting things is its façade in bugnato style, adorned with semi-columns.
Inside, you will find luxury restaurant L’Antico Ristorante Boeucc. Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday 12.40pm – 2.30pm and 7.40pm – 10.30pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday for lunch. boeucc.it
The villa should not be confused with the Belgioioso residence which is house to the GAM Milan and is better known as Villa Reale.
Palazzo Belgioioso is headquarters for a local law firm and is not possible to visit it, but you can admire its remarkable façade.


Piazza Belgioioso, 2
M3 (yellow line) Montenapoleone