“Milan is a great place to run. In every park, you will find a 3 km running route for beginners or a 10 km route for more experienced enthusiasts. I have been running for 12 years and I never get bored. In the centre, I would suggest Parco Sempione, with Arena Civica and the Castello Sforzesco; by crossing the pedestrian area that runs from via Dante to San Babila you reach Parco Montanelli, which already at 6am in the morning crowded with runners. If you’ve got a little more time on hand, you can start from the hilly ups and downs of Monte Stella and from there, by following a 2 km slip-road most of which is used as a cycling track, you will come to Parco di Trenno, a ultra-green network of straight lines that cross over one another in typically New York style. Cross the street, and you’ll find yourself directly in Bosco in Città. You can really lose yourself in this oasis, a midstits small lake and long avenues. Once out of the Bosco, you’ll find the Ponte Blu (Blue Bridge), a cycling/pedestrian track that runs directly above via Novara and leads to Parco delle Cave, featuring not only lots of lush greenery but also a large stretch of water Porto di Mare where you can stop, cool down and relax.”
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