The two booth-like pavilions of Expo Gate were recently opened in the heart of the city. Designed as an info point and a place to share and exchange ideas on topics related to Expo 2015, for 18 months they will serve as a stage for multimedia interdisciplinary events connected to the World of Expo

Expo Gate is located in via Beltrami, in a highly central position between the Castello Sforzesco – the site of the Universal Exposition of 1906 in Milan – and via Dante, the street along which the flags of countries participating at Expo Milano 2015 are displayed (M1 Cairoli). Its location symbolizes its role as a gateway between Milan and the Expo, in the same way as Milan has always been considered a bridge between Italy and the rest of the world. Open daily from 10am to 8pm, besides serving as an info and ticket point where visitors can obtain information about the event, purchase merchandise and buy tickets in advance, Expo Gate is also a true breeding ground of ideas; in fact, it is set to host a rich program of multidisciplinary events focused on promoting and channelling international synergies.
Expo Gate is a double modular transparent building boasting a framework that is not only light in terms of shape but also in terms of environmental impact. Designed by Alessandro Scandurra, the structure’s two pavilions is arranged around a central square supported by two large reticular, aerial frameworks. The flexibility and transparency of the structure serve as an example, paving the way for new, more direct communication systems and exhibition sites. In fact, two large ribbed vaultscreen- like structures will act as a support for the ongoing transmission of information in real time.