In anticipation of Expo 2015, the Provincia di Milano is presenting a special initiative for tourism: Road of the Abbeys. A new interesting itinerary to discover and enjoy the artistic treasures of Milan and its outlying areas, a delightful experience combining art, religion, nature and enogastronomy… don’t miss it! 
The aim of the “Road of the Abbeys” special project is to promote the area and the cultural sites along this itinerary with an interesting cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomic off er. A not-to-be-missed opportunity to discover real treasures of signifi cant architectural and cultural interest, with tastings of regional products, thematic guided tours, events and historic re-enactments, educational labs, visits to artisan workshops and stores selling handcrafted items and lots more besides.
A unique itinerary to promote the area that connects the important sites of San Lorenzo in Monluè and San Pietro in Gessate in Milan, and those of the plains lying south of the city, the sound of whose bells can be heard from afar as they ring out over the characteristic Milanese countryside: Chiaravalle, Viboldone, Santa Maria in Calvenzano, Mirasole and Morimondo. Long stretches of the itinerary – just over 100 km – traverse the Agricolo Sud Milano Park and the Valle del Ticino Park and can be covered either on foot or by bicycle in discovery of unique landscapes, marked by rocks, canals, fountains, windmills, country roads and large farmhouses, where you can stop and savour a number of specialities of the Lombardy area. During the year, a cornucupia of unmissable opportunities and events, from religious feasts to historic re-enactments, from concerts to guided tours of sites of historic interest, from workshops to gastronomic exhibitions plus loads of markets where you can purchase local produce or handicrafts. For example, in August, the area hosts the feasts of two Patron Saints, i.e. S. Bernardo in Morimondo and San Costantino in Gudo Visconti.