Massimiliano Lisa, Director of the Leonardo3-Il Mondo di Leonardo exhibition talked to Where® Milan about this unique show, a combination of historic and scientific research featuring the reconstruction of physical and digital models.
What are the main attractions of this exhibition?

Massimiliano Lisa

Our aim is to celebrate the genius of Leonardo and above all, to enlighten the public about his scientific and artistic achievements. To achieve this, we have employed several different types of media, including reproductions of his manuscripts, 3D models, interactive stations and physical models. However, our real accomplishment is that our exhibition features the first-ever reproductions of working models based on Leonardo’s original blueprints. The Last Supper is also showcased in a number of different ways, including a reproduction on the wall featuring details that were lost in the original version, multi-media display stations that permit hands-on interaction and a screening in virtual reality.
Does the museum have services that cater to the needs of international visitors?
All of our interactive stations are designed for use in both Italian and English. All that is required is a simple touch of the button on the screen (several of our stations also offer the options of different languages). Furthermore, an audio guide in other languages is also available to visitors.
When visiting the museum, what ‘installations’ should not be missed?
It depends on individual tastes. I love music and flight and, in both these areas, our museum boasts a number of unique installations. In particular, the Codex of Flight is a must-visit! Other highlights include musical machines, such as the Clavi-Viola (harp-viola) or the Elastic Drum and, naturally, his flying machines, including the Mechanical Eagle and the Great Kite… It’s worth noting that several of Leonardo’s projects and our models actually work!
How long will the exhibition remain open in Milan?
The Mechanical Eagle

The official date is 31 December 2016. However, we’re hoping for a new extension or possibly, the transformation of the exhibition into a museum. In the latter case, it will be a dynamic, continuously evolving museum, because since 2013 to this date we have renewed many of its contents several times.
What are the next projects in the pipeline?
We’re about to open a new exhibition in South Korea and we’re working on several projects that may involve setting up permanent museums abroad. Furthermore, several new machines, including a huge trumpet, that have never been viewed by the public, will soon be showcased at the exhibition in Milan.
It has been announced that the opening of Leonardo3 multimedia exhibition has been extended until 31 December 2017.
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