Carrying on one’s shoulders more than a century of family company tradition is a very engaging task in this modern world: but when the holder of this heritage is a charming and beautiful lady, wife and mother, difficulties grow

Nicola Ciccarelli, former and historical President of the Ciccarelli company
Nicola Ciccarelli, former and historical President of the company

You could not say this meeting Monica Pasetti, chief executive officer of Ciccarelli, the traditional Italian producer of personal care products. Despite her role when we first met her in a group of people chatting at the coffee machine, we only understood that one of the persons in the group was outstandingly charming and classy. But the approach was absolutely friendly and we could not understand that the charming person was the CEO of Ciccarelli until we reached the impressive meeting room under the images of Nicola Ciccarelli or Clemente, il Capitano, founder of the company after a long family tradition as pharmacists.
Monica really loves her company’s products.
And she is a very good ambassador for these products.
During our short meeting we understood that she does not concentrate her passion only on her job. She would like to spread the culture of this Italian success story among young people, starting from children. And starting by leaving a strong message in the community. In this aspect she decided to be the main sponsor of a very successful program in the schools against bullying.
We reached now the fourth year of the “Siamo tutti Capitani” (we are all captains) in the tracks of her great grandfather Clemente, il Capitano, who started the expansion of the Ciccarelli company after his experience as officer in the army.
Monica now concentrates her efforts on the new flagship store recently inaugurated in the Quadrilatero of Milan (via Sant’Andrea 17), in the middle of the big luxury brands. She owns a treasure that you can’t buy.
She owns a family tradition and she is willing to share it with the international visitors in Milan through the new Ciccarelli line named Secrets.
In Italy the name Ciccarelli recalls something familial and daily, right as the company itself was born from a typically Italian passion and history. Indeed, we discover that all starts from the Ciccarelli family’s entrenched apothecary tradition and reaches its top thanks to the young Clemente’s military experience, who first foresees the fundamental role of a powerful anti-corn cream for the soldiers’ health. Soon afterwards, the invention of a new toothpaste formula, called Pasta del Capitano in honour of Clemente’s military experience, gets ready to revolutionise the oral hygiene of entire generations.

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