The history of Palazzo Reale is intertwined with that of Milan. From 1300 onwards the palace was inhabited by notables of the likes of Giotto and Leonardo da Vinci (who lived in an attic where he studied the flight of birds), Napoleon Bonaparte, Maria Teresa of Austria, the Kings of Italy, occupiers and liberators.
Domenico Piraina, the Director of Milan’s Hub of Exhibitions and Scientific Museums, talks to us about this important institution.
“We are extremely satisfied with the reception the scientific community, the public and the mass media gave last year’s exhibition program. This result is in line with the feedback of the past few years, which has always ranked Palazzo Reale among Europe’s top exhibition sites in terms of the quality and continuity of its cultural offer. 2016 will be remembered for the exhibitions dedicated to Escher and Japanese masters Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro, which attracted half a million visitors. The biggest draws in 2017 will include the inauguration on 8 March of an exhibition dedicated to Manet, while on 28 September Palazzo Reale will open its doors to an exhibition featuring 20 masterpieces by Caravaggio.
This recognition of the cultural value of Palazzo Reale’s is not a once-off, because all of Milan’s cultural institutions are in excellent health. In addition, there has always been an interactive relationship between these institutions and the city because, when the city functions well, then they also function well. In Milan, there is a strong demand for culture that must be satisfied in order to live up to the high expectations of the public. Milan’s international reputation is also reflected in the partnerships that Palazzo Reale has with other museums across the world, allowing for the development of increasingly ambitious projects of enormous cultural importance.”
Though bound by confidentiality, following their meeting with Domenico Piraina, Where®’s correspondents are able to let you know in advance that September holds myriad surprises in store, surprises that will literally make history buffs jump for joy. We can’t tell you more but we suggest that you plan you visit to Milan now. You’re sure to find the history at Palazzo Reale not only fascinating but entertaining!