Visitors should note that VAT in Italy is 22% and it is generally included in the price of goods.

Shopping Hours

Shopping hours are generally from 10am to 7pm, usually from Monday to Saturday.
Less centrally located shops still take the traditional lunch break (between 1 and 3pm) and, in addition to Sundays, they are also closed on Monday mornings.
However, readers should consider that exceptions are made, especially on occasions like on Christmas or sales times (Winter and Spring).
Make sure to always check ahead.

Tax Free Shopping

By law, non-EU residents are entitled to reclaim the VAT paid on items purchased and exported from the EU: before finalizing a purchase, they should ask the shop assistant whether they are eligible for a tax refund.


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Women Clothes Women Shoes


Plan your shopping days

In Milan, and more generally in Italy, you can get the best deals during the two sale seasons (read Where Milan’s guide to sales and also check for upcoming sale seasons).
Find here the City’s top destinations for your purchases: Milan’s shopping districtslocal luxury boutiques, top European brands, outlets and factory stores, department stores and more.