To be sure you grab the best deals on the first days of sales, it definitely pays dividends to queue up in front of the expensive designer boutiques in the Quadrilatero della Moda, Luxury Outlets and Department Stores. You are likely to find some great bargains in the line up of accessories, garments, outerwear and much more…

Before you start your hunt for deals, however, you have to know the basic rules to make the best out of your sale shopping experience during sales.

Here are some Saldi Tips:

1. When?

In Italy sale times occur two times a year, according to the different Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. Generally, they are held after Christmas, January-February for Winter collections and July-September for Summer collections, though the starting dates change from region to region (find exact dates below). At the time we write (6 October 2021), the starting dates for the summer sales in Lombardy have been fixed to 6 January 2022. Sales generally last for 60 days.

2. The Best Deals: Outlets and Department Stores

If you are a Top Brand addict, Luxury Outlets and Department Stores are the perfect venues for you!
Usually, sales at luxury fashion stores are the most desired as they display haute couture items at affordable prices without giving up on quality. The discount range depends on each company but sales are applied to all kinds of articles from clothing to accessories.
There are six Designer Outlets in Milan’s nearby areas (Serravalle, Vicolungo, Fidenza, FoxTown, Franciacorta and Il Salvagente Milano) to make you enjoy even more savings on traditional outlet prices… For this purpose, luxury shuttle services depart daily from Milan’s City centre to reach everyone’s favourite destination:
> Serravalle Designer Outlet: shuttle bus service by Zani Viaggi (from Milano Centrale and from Cairoli Castello)
Serravalle Designer Outlet: shuttle bus by Autostradale (from Milano Centrale, Piazza Duomo and Corso Buenos Aires)
> Shuttle to Foxtown Outlet
> Shuttle to Vicolungo Outlet
> Shuttle to Fidenza Village Outlet 
> Shuttle to Franciacorta Outlet Village 
> Reach Il Salvagente by bus, line 60 stop Via Bronzetti corner Via Archimede
The first department store opened in Milan, Rinascente is one of the main destinations for fashion shopping for men, women and kids, as well as for accessories, beauty, lingerie, home interiors, food and design (read more on department stores in Milan).

3. Discounted Items

According to the Italian laws, sales always refer to seasonal products belonging to the outgoing collection, not to the new one.  The discounts are not fixed, but they can range from 5% up to 70%.

4. Return Policy

By the Italian laws, items bought on sale can be tried on, as well as full-price ones, but they can have stricter rules on returns. While articles coming from new collections can be returned within 30 days, products with reduced prices can’t be returned unless flawed. So, if you buy a reduced price dress or accessory, always pay attention to the fitting or to the size; if you make a mistake, maybe you can be given a voucher, but it’s at the shop owner’s complete discretion to agree.
1- Though items on sale must be clearly separated from the incoming articles and well-marked by signs, at times many shop owners try to mix the collections to trick customers and to make them pay full prices. If you want to be sure about what you are going to buy, remember to always check the price tags carefully so you know you’ve picked up the discounted items.
2 – Be cautious about reductions over 70% as they are generally associated with items from last year’s collections, whose sale should be forbidden or, at least clearly marked. A useful tip is to have a quick look at the ongoing collection a few days before the beginning of price cuts, so you will know in advance what to look for and their exact starting price.
Now that you know the key rules to sales, it’s up to you to plan your shopping day! Here you will find a list of the reductions in Italy’s main shopping venues, but keep in mind: the earliest you go, the widest choice you will find!

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