Ticino a TavolaHidden amidst lush vegetation, the uncontaminated pastures nestling on the slopes of the mountains are the pearls of the unspoiled rural alpine area of Canton Ticino. The milk used gives the cheese unmistakable flavours and aromas, depending on the grasses on which the cows graze. These are d’Alpe cheeses, full-fat and semi-fat, artisanal cheese, semi-hard and soft, small rounds of cheese made from cow or goat’s milk, flat or “büscion-shaped”, they are eaten fresh. Another of the area’s finest offerings is “Zincarlin”, a fresh cheese to which salt and ground pepper are added; conversely, the “Zincarlin of Val da Mücc” has a more intense flavour and is aged and processed for more than two months with white wine according to a time-honoured recipe. All cheeses that can be sampled at restaurants and “grotti” for a memorable gastronomic tasting experience.