It is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and is located in the Ambrosiana complex, one of the most prestigious museums in Milan, just a few steps from the Duomo: the new “Aula Leonardi” now houses “Il Musico” by Leonardo da Vinci, the only work on wood by the Florentine master left in Milan. The same room houses other works by important Leonardesque painters such as Salai, Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio and Bernardino Luini.

On the trail of Leonardo da Vinci
The protagonist par excellence of this room is Leonardo’s masterpiece “Il Musico” (The Musician), which by a happy chance has finally been placed in a part of the Ambrosiana complex where the master was probably present. It is very likely, in fact, that Leonardo, to whom we owe the drawings of the plans for the adjacent church of San Sepolcro, visited this place several times.

A masterpiece of Renaissance painting
In order to ensure the best possible conservation, protection and enjoyment of the work, “Il Musico”, painted by Leonardo around 1485 in tempera and oil on panel (44 cm x 32 cm), has been placed in a large new “climaframe” case equipped with electronic devices that allow continuous measurement of temperature and humidity.
Another Renaissance masterpiece is preserved in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana: it is the Raphael’s Cartoon of the “The School of Athens” (1509), one of the most precious artworks in the collection and in the city of Milan.

A treasure chest in the heart of Milan
The building that houses the hall was once part of the Oratory of Santa Corona, seat of the Congregation of Santa Corona, a pious association of Milanese nobles founded in 1497 with the aim of helping the poor. From 1584, this building became an oratory reserved for the celebrations of the adjacent church of San Sepolcro, until the beginning of the 19th century, when it was purchased by the Ambrosiana.

"Il Musico" painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the new "Aula Leonardi" at the Ambrosiana
“Il Musico” painting by Leonardo da Vinci is now exposed in the “Aula Leonardi” at the Ambrosiana
"Aula Leonardi" at the Ambrosiana
“Aula Leonardi” at the Ambrosiana