On a warm night in late July 2017 the newly born illy Caffè Monte Napoleone opened its doors to a great number of concierges of some of the most renowned hotels in Milan to introduce them to the world of illy and turn them into real protagonists of an innovative culinary experience covering the five senses.
This, to mark a new beginning of the Trieste-based brand which, with the opening of the new Milanese Flagship Store, a corner of relaxation and calm in the heart of the Fashion Quad just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, has made an important statement on the meaning of the the word illy. Thanks to the new ‘Urban Bistrot’, illy is no longer only synonymous with coffee but boasts also a new foodie hub where guests can indulge in a gourmet pause at any time of the day. The claim ‘All day dining’ perfectly reflects the brand’s new spirit. The gourmet dinner awaiting the concierges in the intimate private courtyard was a triumph of flavours, skillfully mixed in tasty creations by the Resident Chef Luca Mussi, and also included some of the chef’s best sellers such as creamy whole milk mozzarella with tomato reduction and basil crumble, ‘riso al salto’ (editor’s note: a thick saffron rice with a crispy top, served round shaped after being pan-fried) with crispy Quartirolo cheese and baby Swiss chards topping, followed by salmon marinated in citrus and pink pepper with dried tomatoes. Last, but not least, illy’s famous ‘illymisù’, a tiramisu served with hot espresso coffee served on the dessert, to end the dinner on high note. Though, the culinary offer by illy is also enriched by mouth watering seasonal creations, ranging from starters to desserts and pastry.
At the end of the dinner, after a long chat with illy Caffè Monte Napoleone’s staff and a toast on the bubbly notes of Ferrari brut, the concierges also received a limited edition illy coffee mix enabling them to fully enjoy the top quality notes of illy blends even when at home.
Via Monte Napoleone, 19
M3 (yellow line) Montenapoleone
T: +39 02 83549386

External links: www.illy.com

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