The Spa of Milanese five-star hotel Melià Milano now boasts brand-new features thanks to the incoming management carried out by ELITE Spa&Wellness. As part of the beauty programme introduced by the famed wellness brand, the hotel’s spaces can now offer a full care of the body, in which beauty solutions combine training, massages, cutting edge technologies and new solutions to purify the body from the inside. Among the facilities, Melià Milano now features a renewed Spa area, a fully equipped gym with a specialized personal trainer to fulfill any weight loss need, as well as to correct poor posture by taking advantage of up-to-date technologies. Guests of the hotel can access the gym area every day 24h a day, while special treatments including the brand-new Dynamic-wave, Epilderma Laser allowing permanent body hair removal, radio-frequency, as well as lymphatic drainage massages or treatments targeted at preventing cellulite are available upon reservation. Special rituals designed to help overcome jet leg are among the jewels in the crown of the wellness centre, allowing to bring in relief to the busiest travellers in a haven of relaxation.
ELITE Spa&Wellness
Via Masaccio, 19
M1 (red line) – M5 (purple line) Lotto
Phone: 02 44406640
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