The scales speak volumes: excess weight accumulated during the cold winter months needs to be shed as quickly as possible to get back on top form. The solutions offered by urban spas or resorts located just a short distance from Milan are designed to help re-establish healthy eating habits and provide natural weight loss methods.

Centro Benessere La Perla SPA

Not just beauty treatments and massages: located in the Porta Venezia district, this spa has developed the ‘Salina Slim’ method, based on the benefits produced by the application of Dead Sea Salts. The ritual includes a body-shaping and slimming session at temperatures of around 40 degrees.
Piazza VIII Novembre, 6.
T: +9 02 39465706
M1 (red line) Porta Venezia (only in Italian)

CBI – Centro Benessere Integrale

Radiofrequency, cavitation, localized slimming methods, massages and personal training. The centre is situated just footsteps from Parco Sempione and offers a series of specific weight loss and body-shaping treatments. Results are noticeable after just a few days. Each package includes a pre-treatment check-up by a nutritionist.
Via E. Biondi, 1
M5 (purple line) Domodossola
T: +39 02 315112 (only in Italian)

Mirabel Dolomiten Wellness Residenz

Set within the heart of Alto Adige and easily accessible from Milan, the Mirabell Hotel’s strong points include iridology analysis to determine imbalances and provide useful suggestions to improve overall lifestyle patterns. The Spa area is absolutely breathtaking: surrounded by a jaw-dropping view of the Alps, its on-site facilities include swimming pools, saunas and treatment cabins where guests can either relax or indulge in body-shaping treatments.
Via Hans Von Perthaler, 11
Valdaora/Val Pusteria (Alto Adige)
Out of Town [360 km from Milan]
T: +39 0474 496191