A Nineteenth-century barge has been transformed into a floating cinema that until 31st of December 2017 will be navigating the waterways of the Navigli. Beware, that’s not a professional Cinema, but rather an enjoyable experience, as you won’t sit on stylish and comfy stuffed seats of a theatre and the sound won’t be the best on Earth. What will make your experience unforgettable is the boat cruising through the blue water of the Navigli during the projection, while outside people will be staggering along the footpaths that line the canals and take pictures of the boat. The staff provides you with a wool coat and hot tea (branded Azienda Agricola Valverbe), and the boat is warmed so don’t need to be scared by winter, we just suggest you wear several layers of clothing to be sure that you won’t be too hot or cold.
The floating cinema is organized by Cinema Bianchini (a brand owned by the MilanoCard group), in collaboration with Consorzio Navigare l’Adda, Navigare in Lombardia, the Italian website mymovies.it and the Italian film distribution company Medusa Film, the movies supplier. It is due to end in December 2017, but… who knows?

Tickets for the Navigli Cinema boat

Drop-in: Darsena dei Navigli
banks near Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio
The boat leaves at 7.30pm
From Monday to Thursday guests get a complimentary welcoming drink by Astoria Wine
The complimentary ‘goodnight kiss’ is a chocolate by Baci Perugina
Tickets cost 14 euro and are available on www.cinemabianchini.it
Aperitivo: additional ticket of 7 euro.
FB page: cinemabianchini