A hot air balloon ride is an experience that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime, for the thrill of seeing the view from above, feeling as light as air and experiencing an exclusive, tailor-made excursion. A ride in Lombardy offers all this, with an ecological vehicle, where being carried along by the wind makes each free flight unique: the place of landing is always different, as are the views, cradled gently in the sky.

Aeronord Aerostati, a leading company for aerostatic services, has developed in collaboration with the Fondazione Patrimonio Ca’ Granda a new hot air balloon flight itinerary a few steps from the centre of Milan, to discover the nature of the Ticino
Park and the Ca’ Granda Oasis from an exceptional perspective!

All you need to know about the tour

– Each excursion is reserved for a limited number of people (usually 4 plus the pilot) and with careful, personalised attention to each passenger.
– The duration of the experience is approximately 2.5 hours with departure early in the morning, initial briefing, flight, transfer from the landing site to the place of departure and breakfast in a local farmhouse.
– The dates can be chosen according to guests’ wishes and the availability of the balloon.
– Possible combination with transfer service from the hotel.

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