Unique gastronomic offerings just a stone’s throw from the center where you can sample gourmet delights in the shadow of the Duomo at the exclusive shops affiliated with the Associazione Spadari Via del Gusto.
The Associazione Spadari Via del Gusto was founded to promote the highly central Milanese street as a city-based hub of gastronomic delights. Boasting a vast, comprehensive range of offerings, the area serves as a reference point for discerning foodies.
The oldest fishmonger in Milan and one of the city’s most iconic venues, award-winning Pescheria Spadari was founded in 1933 and continues to be a must for fish lovers, either to purchase or savor on the spot.
Famous Parisian patisserie brand Ladurée launched in Milan in 2010, invading the city with its brightly-coloured macaroons featuring a slew of innovative, unexpected flavours. OttimoMassimo is the first gourmet fast food venue in Milan, a high-quality alternative for your lunch break. An oasis of relaxation in the hustle and bustle of city life thanks to authentic, top-notch ingredients, culinary creativity and an eco-natural philosophy. Recently opened king of dry fruit Noberasco 1908 instantly sealed its success as a reference point for discerning palates and lovers of natural tastes: its products are sourced from all over the world and include a flotilla of the rarest, most delicious culinary delights.
Two non-gastronomic though highly-sought after realities are also members of the Association: Centrotavola Milano, a boutique dedicated entirely to objet d’art and textiles for the home, a real temple of Made-in-Milan style and craftsmanship, and the Hotel Spadari al Duomo, an excellent base for shopping, art, culture and, naturally, food.
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Lastly, located in the same road, it is impossible not to mention gastronomic emporium Peck, a real institution of Milanese taste. For discerning gourmand palates from all over the globe, Peck offers a selection of delightful delicacies inspired by the best that the world has to offer: truffles, caviar, salmon, foie gras and anything else that your heart could desire. Those wishing to linger longer can savour the emporium’s specialties at the restaurant on the first floor where chef Matteo Vigotti proposes a varied offer of dishes.