A stone’s throw from the Central Station inside the Hilton Milan hotel, Chef Paolo Ghirardi’s gastro bistro CotoliAMO is the not-to-be-missed new entry among Milan’s restaurants in the city, with its local flavour and international mood. The name CotoliAMO comes from the fusion of the two Italian words “Cotoletta” and “Amore”. Cotoletta’ defines the restaurant, which is rooted in the authentic tradition of Milanese schnitzel, while the word ‘Amore’ refers to the pleasure of Italian eating.
The restaurant’s menu is a journey through the regional cuisine of northern Italy and leads to the rediscovery of genuine ingredients and memories of ancient flavours. Given the restaurant’s name, the famous ‘Orecchia d’Elefante‘, a masterpiece of Milanese cuisine, could not be missing from the menu, along with a fair selection of revisited schnitzels.
The menu is seasonal and inspired by the products of nature: dishes are prepared with locally produced ingredients, thus helping to reduce the environmental footprint by reducing the transport of the food chain.
Open 7 days a week for hotel guests and the public.