UPDATING (December 2022) – The boutique in Via Verdi has been closed.

NEW OPENING – “Miroglio Piazza della Scala” has just opened its new concept store to the public complete with 13 window displays extending over a surface area of 600 square meters in the heart of Milan where style is expressed at its finest through impeccable tailoring.
The “best of” Caractère and Elena Mirò’s collections will be hosted inside the new space alongside other prestigious brands of the iconic group, which vocalizes an expression of pure Italian taste.
Boasting a minimalist design, the layout of the Miroglio’s concept store is organized to offer a unique shopping experience encapsulating a contemporary aesthetic combined with a refined assortment of products.

Caractère – Miroglio Piazza della Scala
Via Verdi, 2 corner of Via Manzoni
T: +39 0297389718

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