Warm, romantic atmospheres, glittering lights and the inebriating aromas of cinnamon and oranges… what’s not to love about Christmas? In December, boutiques and department stores embellish their window displays with new, intriguing ideas to celebrate the advent of the holidays and renew the tradition of gift giving. Whether you choose an accessory or a fragrance for him or for her, a decoration for the home or some local speciality, you will certainly be spoilt for choice! Take advantage of the holiday season to give a special gift to your loved ones and to make your Christmas in Milan unique.

1. Culti Milano

Culti Milano has designed a series of new luminous bases for its home diffusers. The round bases of its ‘Linea Stile’ and ‘Colours’ line are made from natural Maplewood while the square ones of the ‘Linea Decor’line are crafted with mocha varnished Maplewood. Discreet accessories that complete the brand’s home perfume collection making them small objet d’art. www.culti.com

2. Swarovski

What would Christmas be without a little sparkle? Glamorous and festive, this year, Swarovski’s dazzling Christmas ornaments include a crystal snowflake, a candy cane and a bell. www.swarovski.com

3. Pettinaroli

The traditional “Christmas” wishes by Pettinaroli, rigorously featuring relief printing in different colours on precious paper. Sophisticated and elegant, they never deceive the receiver. www.fpettinaroli.it www.pettinaroliprintsandmaps.com

4. Alessi

Dressed for X-mas draws inspiration from everything associated with the magic of Christmas. The collection includes a three dish stand. The top tier, featuring a smooth and unadorned surface, is elegantly juxtaposed with the lower plates which are decorated on both sides. www.alessi.com

5. Etro

This Christmas, luxuriate in the fragrant warmth of Etro’s ‘Misto Bosco Candle’. The ‘Misto Bosco’ fragrance diffuses its Christmasy essence from a crystal glass gilded with a paisley decoration. Verdant and fresh, the candle is an ideal way to create a truly festive atmosphere. www.etro.com

6. Christofle

Original and elegant, Christofle’s ‘Mood Precious’ is
a versatile companion for all festive occasions. Its coppercoloured egg-shaped storage caddy includes six 18kt pink gold plated coffee spoons. www.christofle.com

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