We are talking about the unmistakable style of the creations designed by Del Mare 1911. Sought-after creations, stemming from a continuous study of combinations, colours and patterns suitable for contemporary menswear, where tradition blends with creative experimentation and the ongoing search for high-quality. Made-in-Italy fabrics and natural fibers, including wool, cotton and linen, play an important role in all of its collections. Its artisanal heritage serves as a source of inspiration for impeccably tailored lines, featuring a combination of innovative and classic styles, to outfit men on all occasions. An example? The brand’s pure, extra-fine twisted wool jacket enhanced with a frosted finish, for a natural wrinkle-free effect, the perfect travel jacket for a contemporary, fashion-conscious man. At all of Del Mare 1911 boutiques, expert staff are always on-hand to guide you through the complex universe of fabrics, patterns and combinations, assisting you in your search for the right outfit, in perfect ‘Milanese’ style.
Via Orefici, 5
M1 (red line) – M3 (yellow line) Duomo
T: +39 02 8053719

External links: delmare1911spa.com