Part 1 – Arrival in Milan

At 20 years old, I traveled to Milan Italy for the first time in my life. This is my first time traveling out of America, and here I am living in beautiful Milan for 6 weeks knowing no Italian. I don’t speak the language yet my thirst to immerse myself in Italian culture is ever present.
Being the New Yorker that I am, my expectations for cities everywhere are very high. Milan might give New York a run for their money since Milan’s beautiful architecture, historical value, and lively night life plays a good game against NYC.
Arriving in Malpensa was a blur. It was the first time I saw signs in Italian, and English. My mind was really blown when I went to use the bathroom for the first time and the handle to flush was no where to be found. FYI it’s a button that you push above. Just wait you enter a bathroom and all you see is a ceramic hole in the ground, also known as a squat toilet (I took off all my clothes for that one just to be safe…)
After my travel group and I settled in, my jet lag immediate subsided when I stood in front of the Duomo for the first time. I had never seen a building so substantial in size, yet so detailed in design. Seeing such beauty in a metropolitan area assured me that I could make Milan my home. And so my Milanese journey began.
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