For starters, ‘Bu:r’ is pronounced ‘buur’ with a long ‘u’, like the surname of the restaurant’s brainchild Eugenio Boer.
Opened in July 2018, in the Corso Italia area, like its cuisine, even the restaurant’s spaces reference the chef’s contemporary, visionary and brave approach to food.
The restaurant’s architectural concept is charismatically expressed by Vienna straw partitions and the use of Italian techniques and materials, creatively re-imagined and mixed with elements reminiscent of Holland, the country where Boer spent his childhood.
Though based on solid foundations and rooted in seasonality, Eugenio’s food is imbued with myriad influences, inspired by the chefs who contributed to his growth.
When formulating his menu, his objective was to replace paper and dishes with tasting concepts. Boer’s offerings are based on eight concepts, inspired by trips abroad, past memories, the cornerstones of the history of fine dining and the requirements of contemporary cuisine. For example, the ‘Nino Bergese’ concept re-interprets the cuisine of Italy’s first two-starred chef, ‘La cuisine du marché’ is based on the availability of products found at market stalls, ‘Think Green’ is designed for vegetarians, while ‘I classici’ features Boer’s ‘musts’, including risotto with ash, pigeon cooked in three different ways or a macaron of pigeon hearts and gizzards garnished with cocoa beans.

Via Mercalli, 22 (corner of Via S. Francesco D’Assisi)
M3 (yellow line) Crocetta
T: +39 02 62065383